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The prime motto of Rattan Steel (India) is to achieve trust and respect of our clients / customers by serving loyalty and quality products & services.

It is very important for any manufacturing company to pay attention to the productivity with equal sustainability in the quality of the product. Rattan Steel (India), deemed to manufacture the quality product that earns trust and improves our reputation in the global market.

Nowadays it's become essential for every business unit to sustain their standards, by adaptation of reliable quality control system.

Due to our new and advanced technology, machinery we are able to provide optimum quality product, consistently at low proportion of cost, by this we are able to develop great reliability and improving our efficiency.

In our manufacturing unit, there is a separate section set for quality testing of each and every products item. The unit keeps testing and monitoring every product right from the starting position such as Designing and Sampling, Moulding, Shaping, Finishing till last but not the least up to Packing, every process goes from the diagnoses of several quality tests and checking like, Durability Test, Tensile Strength, Salt Test, Corrosion Resistance Test, Heat Storage and cold storage Capacity Test, etc.

Research and Development:

Our company always pay attention to the process of Research and Development, in today's competitive world its becomes necessary, always to be creative and innovative for facing market competition strongly. 

Therefore, we appointed professional engineers and technicians having the ability of independent developing, with strong visualization power and able to create innovative ideas for making exclusive kitchenware which is able to stand out in the market.