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It's a fact that our clients or customer are spread throughout the globe, our products are enhancing the standard of the global market. Rattan Metals (India), is a supplier and manufacturer of aluminium, copper and stainless steel kitchenware. Our packing unit almost emphasized on the important aspects of packing and transportation. We also provide packaging according to our client/customer demand.

We keep customer satisfaction and product safety in mind and provide customized packaging and delivery solution which enhance time management and transit safety.

we set up a special unit for undertaking the process of packing and transportation of each and every finished and polished the individual piece of kitchenware is shifted to our packing unit, where it is packed in a poly bags and put into small cartons. We always monitor all the process and make sure that the individually packed product is finally kept inside the cartons / boxes for bulk deliveries.

Our packing unit is equipped with modern machines like Shrink-wraps Machine and Strapping Machine which make easier the process of proper packing of the finished product.


Rattan Steel (India), constructed separate warehouse having state of the art in fracture and equipped with new and modern technology for storing a huge and bulk range of stainless steel and aluminium kitchenware.

we always the emphasis on the maintains of our warehouse to prevent the products from rusting, cracking or other damages due to improper handling and moisture. With the help of easy inventory system management, it's become easier for us to deliver or dispatch our finished products at the final destination within a specific period of time.